Friday 12 August 2016


Last week I went to the 4th birthday celebrations of My Vintage

I've never really thought that Vintage clothing was my thing, in fact I've probably been very ignorant to the fact that I thought Vintage meant smelly, old fashioned, un stylish, tatty clothing from dead people. Another misconception that I had was that vintage clothing just really meant paying over the odds for old, used, shoddy clothing. In fact vintage clothing is anything but shoddy. Clothing from back in the day is totally different from today's modern day pieces. It was so well made as it was made it last, so I was very wrong on this and I have firmly been put in my place. 

Within minutes of arriving I found around 6 items that I instantly wanted to try on. Of course not all vintage clothing, as well as modern day clothing for that matter, is not always necessarily my style. 
But I was pleasantly surprised as I have previously always thought that vintage wasn't for me.

Vintage clothing doesn't have to look old fashioned, obviously being head to toe in in it could give of that vibe and if that's what works for you than great. But I really don't think I could rock that look! 
Sticking to the odd vintage piece, wearing and mixing it with modern day clothing is more my thing. 

I ended up buying 4 pieces, 2 that I've added to my autumn wardrobe and 2 that I will wear on my holiday later this month. I also bought 3 scarfs. The items I chose were from the 60's and 80's  - who'd of thought!!! 

I am glad I attended the event, it was definitely was an eye opener and I have to say I am slightly converted and will be looking out for my next piece.


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