Thursday 14 July 2016


I have realised that I haven't done any beauty posts in a while ( I will get back to youtube vids soon) so decided to do a quick post on my favourite Charlotte Tilbury lip products.

As you probably already know a nude lip is my go to colour- think Mac Creme de nude, Hue, or Creme Cup should I want something more pink. So you might of guessed and yes you were right, that my selection are all relatively nude toned - boring I know, sorry!

The lipsticks are well worth the £23 price tag. They are laden with oxidants to prevent UV damage and a special blend of waxes that make it glide on like a dream and make my lips feel in the words of Charlotte 'Cashmere Soft'.

The three that I use the most are Nude Kate, Penelope Pink and Very Victoria. 

Charlotte Tilbury has been working on the faces of celebrities for many years and each of her lipsticks are named after celebs she has previously made up. Nude Kate = Kate Moss 

The three that I use the most are Nude Kate, Penelope Pink and Very Victoria.  Next on my list is Kim K.W

The Cheat lip liners are equally impressive and stay put without feathering. As the name suggests the liner enables you to cheat your way to a fuller, more defined, balanced lip.

The two that I use that go perfect with my lipsticks are Pillow Talk and Iconic Nude.

The lip glosses are fantastic and if you love high gloss, mirrored shine that stays for hours then these are for you.

My favourites are Blondie, Seduction and Hall of Fame (especially over Very Victoria to lighten it)

I actually sound like I'm trying to sell it! I'm not, nor did I get it free! I just really like the lip and eye products. 
The foundation though is still up for questioning - I like it, just don't love it- yet, but I'm still going with it.

Let me know your thoughts, favourite colours or ones you recommend I should try. xx
Nude Kate

 Penelope Pink
Very Victoria
Kim KW




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