Saturday 30 July 2016


So way back in January after the disastrous decision that was the fringe, and the many tears shed, I vowed to never touch my beautiful hair ever again! Wtf was I actually thinking!!!

Fast forward seven months and I decided on another drastic cut, this time not on a whim, I had actually thought about this decision for around a month.

Although it may not seem too drastic to some, to me, someone who's had long hair for years it was HUGE!

But for that reason alone I decided to get the chop. I did love my long hair but I'd had the same long hair for years and I was in desperate need of a change.

I decided to go for a 'Lob' (long bob)  and I love it. Its a lot shorter (around 10 inches)  than I'm used to but I like the edgier, choppy, textured look and I find it still long enough to tie up should I wish. 

Its also very versatile as I can still wave it for the beachy tousled look (which is probably my go to look ), smoothe straight for a sleek finish, or tie up.

I am glad that I decided to have a change, I think ill go a touch shorter next time and judging by my Facebook and instagram comments, as well as fashion magazines the general vibe was that shorter styles seem to be more trendier and modern right now.


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