Tuesday 19 April 2016

Simple Easy Contour Makeup Tutorial | Hayley Gallagher

When I blogged about the Clinique Chubby contour stick a few months ago, a lot of my friends bought it.

Since I also used it in my last video more people texted and mentioned that they would like to see more of it.

So yesterday part way through my normal make up I decided to get the camera out a film a quick and easy contour video.

It really is as basic as it comes with this stick - literally just draw it on and blend. It is super easy to blend in, just glides on, is oil free and will last in your make up bag for ages.

Clinique also do the matching highlighter in the chubby stick range.

  I really love this collection for ease, speed and it is perfect for ultimate beginners.

Hope you like the vid :)

PS. I will try and hold my products up in shot better - i'll master this soon!!

Also let me know of any other videos you would like to see, or any specific products, palettes or colours you would like me to use (I prob have in my collection) by text, comments, instagram, tweet or snapchat.

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  1. Gorgeous!
    Love it - and I'm going to have to pick those chubby sticks up! xx

  2. So easy, I am sure u will love. Let me know how you find them xx



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