Wednesday 30 March 2016


So 2 years after setting up my second tube channel, (my first was 7 yrs ago and I bailed with that one as well) yesterday I finally plucked up the courage to film and now today finally published my first ever video. 

What took me so long??

Yes I am incredibly late to the party only just getting in to it now, but truth be told I was always too scared. Scared of what? I really cannot answer that with one clear cut answer! 

But a combination of looking silly, people laughing, people judging to name a few. In fact the very same things I try to teach my daughter to not let bother her- So it was about time I practised what I preach.

As I've gotten older I simply do not care anymore... I have learnt that people get judged all the time regardless!

I decided to go forward with my youtube channel to work alongside this blog to switch it up a little by adding occasional videos as oppose to just written posts all the time.

The videos will be about fashion, make up, hauls, tutorials and lifestyle based. 

Please bare in mind this is my first ever video - more of a test video really to see how well the lighting, sound and video quality appears on film, so that in further videos it can improve.

My first video below is a make up video, I decided not to do in 'real time' as those type of videos bore the shit out me being like 20mins long!!! 

I'm obviously very nervous and it definitely shows as this is just not natural for me, but hopefully the nerves will shift the more videos I film. Unfortunately my voice can't be fixed!-  cringe!! :(

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions for future videos and subscribe. :) xx 


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