Sunday 17 January 2016


Whilst rummaging through many bags to find my diary, I decided that I would do a 'Whats in my bag' style post. Literally, I carry my life in my bag (probably why I have so many knots in my shoulders due to carrying such heavy bags) and I really couldn't show or post the true contents of any bag!! This is mainly down to being a mummy and the endless supply of children's necessities, juice bottles, spare nappies, dummies half eaten items and copious amounts crumbs.

So this naturally will be a sugar coated version :)
I am somewhat an avid bag enthusiast and I can really appreciate a wonderful bag! My usual go to bag is my black Stella McCartney, I have had it absolutely years, it goes with everything and I never tire of it. I should of actually used it for this post- Dope!! But I've currently been using this Winter Rose coloured Gucci bag that was a Christmas gift.

Make up

I have so much make up it is insane!! I also collect make up bags (don't we all)
I always carry a little makeup bag in my bag - Just in case!! In here I just carry the bare basics, which allows a quick and easy application technique, lipstick, gloss, blusher etc. I never carry foundation or many eye products. To be honest once I've applied my make up in the morning I never need to top up, and I really can't be bothered! The only thing I really top up is lipstick or gloss, and I do, do this constantly :)
Lipstick - Nude - Obvs!  Creme de Nude, Zen, Hue or Creme Cup by Mac are my go to shades.
Gloss - Fulfilled by Mac is my absolute Fave.
Easy Contour/ Highlighter -  These Chubby stick style contours and highlighters by Clinique are so easy and perfect could u need to apply on the go.
Eyeliner - Clinique - literally the softest and easier liquid liner I've ever used. I religiously used Charlotte Tilbury Calligraphy liner but this is soooooo much softer and easier
Blush. - Nars
Highlighter Becca
Eye Crayons Charlotte Tilbury - Just crayon on, fab!

Backcombing Brush.
A necessity if you hate having flat hair!

Louis Vuitton Diary.
I was gifted this diary for my birthday a couple of years ago from a friend. It is personalised inside with my initials. I love it, and love the fact it can be used year after year, all you need to do is purchase the current years inserts.

Another thing I collect is sunglasses. I always have a pair in my bag and a pair or two in the car. Currently in my bag is my favourite and latest pair of glasses by Porsche Design, I love them as they come with interchangeable lenses.

 I've been using Armani Si perfume lately so thats in the bag, as is Molton Brown hand cream and antibacterial gel- which I just remembered my daughter was using earlier so its not on the picture.. keep the germs away.

Now that I am aiming to blog more I am starting to take out my camera instead of using my iPhone 

Used for everything except ringing, mainly keeping up to date with social media and online shopping.

And lots and lots of other rubbish

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