Saturday, 17 March 2012


A few weeks ago a friend of mine was looking particularly bronzed. I knew she hadn't been on holiday so I asked her what tanning product she had used. She told me it was a brand called Famous Dave's.

 I remembered I had seen this brand in Boots earlier in the week as the name stuck in my head as I found it quite amusing- childish I know. 
The colour looked fab on her so I decided to buy it the next time I went shopping and try it out.

The tanning mousse is full of anti-ageing ingredients, natural anti-oxidants and moisturisers and claims to be fragrance free.
The mousse glided on easily with a mitt and the colour guide helped achieve a streak free application, it was almost touch dry instantly and I didn't find it to have an odour.
 However, around 30 minutes after application a slight 'fake tan' odour did develop, but nothing too strong. I left the tanning mousse to develop for 7 hours over night.

The following morning I showered and I was left with a really nice natural coloured  streak free tan. I was very impressed with the colour.
The same could not be said for the days following... 

I was really disappointed with how dry this left my skin. I have used lots of self tanning products on the market such as St TropezFake BakeXen Tan but nothing has ever made my skin appear this dry before.
 I also found that as the tan fades it does not fade naturally, it tends to fade patchy. It also proves tricky to fully remove. I practically have to thoroughly scrub my arms with a very strong exfoliant and even then it is still slightly visable :(

I have tried this product around 4 or 5 times now, each with the same result.
 Such a shame as the tan does look fantastic the first day immediately  after application.

I will be sticking back with good old trusty St. Tropez or Xen tan from now on.
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